Model PGR-1 Pilot Operated, Pressure Reducing Regulator – Pressure Loaded Diaphragm

Model PGR-1 is high performance, pressure loaded diaphragm-type, flow-to-open pressure reducing regulator. Design includes an internal pressure balancing piston-cylinder that provides high flow capacity. The internal trim design allows the same basic unitto cover a broad range of pressure settings. Performance meets or exceeds that of competitive pressure loaded or pilot-operateddesigns. The PGR-1 regulator is applied primarily in clean naturalgaseous service and fuel gas - sweet or sour.

  • Versatile: Four basic materials with multiple trim material combinations to select from.
  • Tight Shutoff: Multiple composition materials provide Class IV and Class VI inboard leakage rates. De signed as a soft-seated valve.
  • Capacity: Highest in the industry. Allows smaller body sizes than competitors in majority of applications.
  • Droop: Highly accurate outlet pressure control, due to absence of range spring in main valve design, provides almost zero “droop effect”.