Oil and Gas

The environment in which valves operate in the oil and gas industry is unique and extreme. From exceptionally high temperature and pressure to cryogenic and very low pressure. From the upstream, wellheads and gathering networks, the midstream transport pipelines and the downstream processing plants, storage and transport terminals there are many specialised applications in the oil and gas industry.

Isolation valves can be compromised by process conditions such as temperature, pressure, high solids or high cycling. Having a valve providing zero leakage shut-off is critical in this environment.

Pressure Relief valves in gas, liquid, and steam applications that meet the safety demands of the offshore oil & gas, processing, refining, chemical and petrochemical industries



  • Safety/Pressure relief valves
  • Compressor kickback/ recycle valves
  • Molesieve switching valves
  • Joule-Thomson Valves
  • Pump isolation valves
  • HIPPS systems (High integrity pressure protection)


Performance in the oil and gas industry is critical and having products that are dependable and have provided trusted service over many years gives operators confidence in their plant. Flotech Controls is proud to represent the following companies in the oil and gas industry