Zero Leakage = Long Term Reliability

Valvtechnologies is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of severe service valves and has established a worldwide reputation for superior quality and dependability with customers in every industry.
In the demanding process environments facing our customers, these standards are the foundation our customers look for. What they get, beyond this, is the recognised value of ValvTechnologies as proven, dependable partner.
Valvtechnologies sets the standard for zero leakage valve solutions.
Valvtechnologies' valves are built to withstand the most severe applications, High temperature, high pressure, high cycling, abrasive, corrosive and caustic media have all been considered in the design of the product line.


ValvTechnologies designs and manufactures valves specifically for the unique demands of power generation applications.The standard operating conditions of power generation: high temperatures, high pressures and at times, high cycling, can severely impact the service life of a valve. Special consideration should be made in the selection of metallurgy, sealing design and operation. ValvTechnologies, a leading global manufacturer of metal-seated, severe service valves, has a proven performance record of providing field tested, ZERO Leakage solutions.
Key Features of the V1 series flagship metal seated ball valve are the integral metal seat, blow-out proof stem, live loaded gland area, patented coating process and body seal ring.

Mining and Mineral Processing

Mining and Minerals Processing is an area where critical valve failures can create expensive shut-downs.At ValvTechnologies we understand the importance of reliability and more importantly Zero Leakage. Valve leakage inside a slurry line will soon lead to dewatering of the slurry and expensive retrofit work, with extensive operational down-time. Understanding the design and potential problems in the client's process is the way we understand their unique needs ... and we plan and respond.We have severe service valves that operate in process conditions that push the limits of engineering capabilities.

Oil & Gas / Upstream

The ValvTechnologies design is a departure from traditional valves found in Oil & Gas Production. In the Oil & Gas industry, valve performance can be compromised by combinations of process conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, high solids or high cycles. The ValvTechnologies design is quite unlike that found in floating and trunnion-style ball valves and is a complete departure from the traditional gate and plug valves found in this industry. The ValvTechnologies design uses an integral seat rather than loose seats.

The integral seat provides a stable platform onto which the ball is constantly loaded with very high force, making it impossible to trap solids between the ball and seat. When the ball is in the open position, the seats are protected from the flow. The integral seat also eliminates the potential for leakage between a loose seat and the valve body.