Providing level, flow, temperature and pressure instrumentation products.

The history of SOR Inc is founded on simple ideas that work. It all began in 1956 with the invention of the static-o-ring (SOR) pressure switch. Since the ring is static, there is no friction, and no wear and tear.

SOR is a global leader in the field of measurement and control. One big reason for the continued growth of SOR is our willingness to listen to our customers' specific needs and develop solutions to meet those needs for the Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Nuclear industries. In fact many of the products we deliver are specially engineered to order.
SOR manufactures a wide variety of mechanical and electronic devices to measure pressure, level, temperature and flow – and we're working constantly to improve our product platform.
All of our products are engineered and manufactured at SOR world headquarters located in Lenexa, Kansas. SOR also maintains branch offices in Beijing and London.

Pressure Switches

Today's SOR pressure switches are the descendants of the original Static "O" Ring mechanical switches that set industry standards more than 50 years ago. Our switches are field-proven, low cost process instruments for use as either primary or redundant pressure or flow monitoring applications in a wide variety of industries.

Pressure Transmitters

"Set it and forget it" reliability makes SOR pressure transmitters perfect for applications when space is tight. Our stainless steel construction stands up to the rigors of hostile environments and hazardous locations. Available with either 4-20mA or 1-5 VDC outputs and with adjustable ranges for pressure transmitters

Level Switches

SOR level switches have earned a long-time reputation for their high quality, rugged construction and reliable performance under the most demanding applications. All level switches are individually built with strict attention to detail to meet the exact specifications of your process. Available as float level switches and displacer level switches, our product offering provides superior alarm and monitoring control for heavy industries such as power generation, refining, petrochemical and general manufacturing.

Level Transmitters

SOR level transmitters continuously sense the liquid level in tanks and deliver a 4-20 mA current proportional to the level. The current output can be connected to a programmable logic controller, computer, remote display or relay module to display and/or control the liquid level in the tank. Depending on the model you choose monitoring may be accomplished without contacting the process. Our transmitters may be used as a point or continuous level measurement device.

Flow Switches

SOR flow switches have proven to be workhorses in the process instrumentation industry. They are ruggedly built to exacting standards and provide long-lasting service.