Model P7 High Flow, High Sensitivity Pressure Reducing Regulator

The Model P7 is designed to safely reduce inlet pressures of up to 4500 psig (310.0 Barg)* and accurately deliver high gas flows throughout the 10-1500 psig (.69-103.4 Barg) outlet pressure range. Designed for control of high and low pressure gases, this self-venting unit can also be furnished as anon-venting regulator for hydraulic applications.


The P7 can be applied for hyperbaric chambers, air compressors, pressurized ballast tanks, high pressure testing, life support applications, manifold systems, tube trailers, and gas transfer stations.


  • Large Piston Sensor Gives Excellent Sensitivity
  • Balanced Stem Design Assuring Constant Downstream Pressure
  • Low Operating Torque
  • Self-Relieving (Spring Loaded Design)
  • Material Traceability on Wetted Parts
  • Anti-Resonance Design