Model BQ Back Pressure/ Relief Regulator

The Model BQ is a relief regulator suitable as a back pressure regulator or bypass valve for controlling inlet pressures between 5 and 300 psig (.34 to 20.7 Barg). For 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" (DN8, 10, and 15) process piping. Available options include cryogenic construction and differential/pressure loaded construction.


Designed for controlling a wide range of fluids including air, inert gases, cryogenic gas or liquids, chemicals, water, fuel oil and steam.

  • Versatile: Four body materials and twenty-one trim material combinations allow compatibility with many fluids.
  • High Capacity: A large orifice and diaphragm provide sensitivity with high capacity.
  • Tight Shut Off: A composition seat is available in several materials.