A3/ W0/ W1/ W2/ W3 Series

Wey Series of full flange knife gate valves. Heavy duty design for severe service applications. Body design conforms to MSS SP-135 and MSS SP-81 face-to-face dimensions. Models provide zero leakage bi-directional shut-off.

Benefits of the reliable Wey Valve design:

  • The body material is corrosion and erosion resistant ductile Ni-Resist ASTM A439 D2, ideally suited for long service life in mining applications.
  • The gate material is 17.4 PH SS heat treated to H900 and is guided for the full length of the stroke for bi-directional bubble-tight shut-off.
  • The seat/seal is mechanically retained to prevent “pull out” and installed flush with the bottom body bore to prevent build-up in the seat area.
  • The valve is equipped with dual heavy-duty scraper blades to wipe the gate clean while opening/closing to prolong packing life. The valve is re-packable in line under full line pressure.
  • Inserted in the upstream body half is a hardened wear ring to protect the seal area from erosion.
  • The heavy-duty carbon steel universal bonnet comes complete with Lexan covers to keep the bonnet area clean and to allow for visual inspection.