VM Series

The Wey Knife Gate Valve Model VM is built to high quality manufacturing standards and combines rugged construction with time-tested design refinements found in no other knife gate valve. This unique design assures long-life reliability and bubble-tight shut-off. 

  • Tight shut-off is assured due to the unique sealing combination of resilient elastomer along the edges (not the face) of the gate and machined metal gate guides. Fine surface ground finish of the gate ensures smooth operation and long-life seal performance. Mechanically retained seal prevents “pull-out.
  • Machined gate guides in the valve body guide and support the gate for the full length of the stroke insuring against gate “flutter. These sealing features provide bi-directional bubble-tight shut-off at full design pressure.
  • During final closing stage, remaining solids are sheared off by knife-like gate and body cutting edge.
  • Special gate geometry prevents jamming during closure because deposits are pushed ahead by the gate into enlarged flushing corners of the body. Contoured body interior initiates flushing action to prevent build-up and jamming of deposits in seat area.