Model SCV-S30

The Model SCV-30 * is a revolutionary, throttling, pneumatically actuated control valve. This unique design provides a geometrically characterized plug for superior throttling dynamics, plus the unit’s ease of cleanability and maintenance meet the requirements of sanitary control valves. The design incorporates a formed internal diaphragm that is bonded to a characterized metal plug. The diaphragm/body provides the smooth internal passages necessary for ease in cleaning and sanitizing. The plug head provides rigidity to the otherwise flexible diaphragm in the throttling zone where characterized control is desired.

Used in pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries in production of shear sensitive micro-organisms and many health care products for both human and animal consumption.Suitable for processed food and cosmetics production.Would be found supporting fermenters, batching tanks, cookers, dryers and other similar sanitary equipment. Suitable in WFI (Water for Injection) systems. Model SCV-30 is applicable in saturated steam up to 15 psig (1.03 Barg) in continuous service when R1 trim is utilized.