Model The Premier

The Premier EZO is an elastomer lined concentric butterfly control valve with a pneumatic spring-diaphragm actuator. The unique design feature of the Premier EZO is the geometrically formed elastomer liner that reduces seating and unseating torque levels, allowing E Z-er Opening, reducing annoying “pop-off” at opening.

An alternate design – Premier Unlined – is a seatless design that allows the disc 360 degree rotation, that has no elastomer liner and can be applied in higher temperature services where shutoff is not critical.

Both designs are for low-to-moderate pressure drop throttling applications.  Installation is between piping flanges as a flangeless wafer.  (NOTE:  Premier EZO must be installed between RF weldneck flanges.)


Primarily applied in non-critical utility applications such as compressed air or gas, cooling water, chilled water, hot water, or some HC services for Premier EZO. 

Premier Unlined is primarily applied in steam and hot gas, including HC services.


  • Five sizes; 3” - 10” (DN80 - 250)
  • Flangeless wafer body
  • Three body materials
  • Two elastomer liner materials
  • Integral extended bonnet
  • Heavy stem guides
  • Low pressure actuator package designed for throttling