Model 987

The Model 987 is a compact, economical, sliding stem, globe-style control valve designed primarily for general or chemical service. Use of investment body casting consolidates both carbon steel and stainless steel applications into the standard 316LSST (CF3M) material. The valve body and trim material is also available in Hastelloy C® construction. Standard trim is metal seated design giving Class IV shutoff. Optional composition seat design gives Class VI shutoff. Available in body sizes 1/2" thru 1" (DN15–DN25). End connections available: NPT, extended pipe nipples, flanged or flangeless

Designed for use in a wide range of applications in corrosive chemical fluids and hostile atmospheres. It can also be applied as a general service control valve for utilities services – steam, air, oil, water, industrial gases, etc, requiring low flow applications. The standard seat/plug/stem material is 316L SST to maximize corrosion resistance. May be applied up to 1440 psig (99.3 Barg) pressure limit, or 450°F (232°C) temperature limit.


  • All wetted trim components of 316L SST or Hastelloy C®. 
  • Flow-to-open design for increased:  – rangeability,  – maximized stability. 
  • High pressure drop capability. 
  • Standard TFE V-ring packing. 
  • Multiple reduced trim selections 
  • Equal percent characterization. 
  • External corrosion protection. 
  • Field reversible actuator. 
  • Nace construction available.