The MTS Plug Valve is a high-pressure valve for control and on/off applications that is typically utilised in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) applications/desalination plants.

In addition, the MTS Plug Valve is suitable for other high-pressure membrane treatment applications in highly corrosive environments, including offshore oil and gas sulfate removal systems, industrial water reclamation and reuse facilities, high-purity water treatment for power, and water processing for mining.

MTS Plug valves have been used in all major metropolitan seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants in Australia including, Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide and both plants in Perth.

In 2012, MTS Desalination business was acquired by Victaulic.

Some of the main services of the MTS Plug valve are:

  • High pressure discharge pump isolation
  • Flow rate regulation to membrane racks during startup of the plant
  • HP Discharge pump flushing
  • Booster Pump isolation
  • Turbines isolation
  • Energy recovery system isolation
  • Seawater manifold isolation
  • Brine Flushing
  • Chemical clearing inlet to the RO racks isolation
  • Chemical clearing outlet to the RO racks isolation