BIRKETT safety relief valves

A comprehensive range of high performance pilot operated safety valves and spring loaded safety relief valves to protect plant and equipment by relieving excess pressure.

With over 100 years of experience, BIRKETT manufactures a full range of full nozzle, full lift safety relief valves, including spring loaded safety valves, pilot operated valves and thermal relief valves. BIRKETT valves offer effective pressure relief in gas, liquid, and steam applications to meet the safety demands of the offshore oil & gas, processing, refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. The valves are also assembled and tested to suit the standards of cryogenic gas applications.
Renowned for flexibility in design, the BIRKETT range can be tailored to solve specific customer requirements with an extensive range of materials and accessories. All valves are fully compliant with API 520 (design) and 526 (dimensional) codes, and certified to full ASME "UV" standards.

The BIRKETT range of safety relief valves includes:

  • WB Series spring loaded safety relief valves: full nozzle spring loaded safety relief valve with a full lift and full nozzle to safely relieve excess pressure in a variety of process vessels, including pumps, pipes, tanks, calorifiers, and gas and oil separators. The WB Series conforms to API526 pressure/temperature and dimensions.
  • Safeflo safety and thermal relief valves: thermal relief valves for smaller gas or liquid applications, where they relieve thermal expansion of process fluids in vessels and long pipes.
  • Safeset pilot operated safety relief valves: self contained pilot operated safety relief valves that independently control valve opening and closing without the need for additional energy sources. Safeset valves have a unique full nozzle design and conform to API 526 pressure / temperature ranges and dimensions and are also available as pop and modulating pilots to suit both gas and liquid duties.