ValvtechnologiesTruntech® Trunnion Ball Valves

The Next Generation in Trunnion Technology
ValvTechnologies’ Truntech® is designed to address the severe service demands of the upstream and midstream oil & gas industries. Its protected seat seals design provides long life and tight shut-off in abrasive / erosive conditions and meets stringent fugitive emission requirements.
Truntech® is designed to API-6D and API-6A, fire-safe per API-607 (API-6D) and API-6FA (API-6A), tight-shut-off per ISO-5208 Rate A (API-6D) and PSL-3 (API-6A).


  • Guaranteed tight shut-off
  • True metal-to-metal sealing without using secondary elastomeric seals
  • Solid-proofed by design Multi option hard coating technology Grafoil seals
  • Double block-and-bleed capability
  • High cycling capability
  • Bi-directional sealing by design /li>
  • Single-piece anti blow-out stem design
  • Impervious to high thermal cycling
  • Certified to use in SIL-3 loop in single-valve and SIL-4 loop in two-valve with minimum MTBF 1,280 years
  • Fire safe certification: API-607 / API 6FA
  • Stem fugitive emissions per ISO 15848-1 Class B


  • Enhanced process safety and repeatable sealing allows operation under process excursions
  • Inherent fire safety
  • Process reliability
  • Extended life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Less downtime
  • Lower emissions & enhanced process safety