Valvtechnologies V1-3 Metal Seated Ball Valve

Investment in Performance
Our Investment cast version of our V1-1 is available in sizes up to 2” and in ASME/ANSI Class 150-600. The V1-3 pays off in low-pressure drain applications with the elimination the typical low cost – high maintenance linear valves with our zero-leakage guarantee, ensuring long service life. The V1-3 is available in both full and reduced-port models. Like all of our V series products and just as important, our HVOF RiTech™ hard coatings enables the same critical mate lapped sealing surfaces – making it impervious to erosive, corrosive and abrasive services.

Key Benefits

  • Fit-for-purpose sizes and end connections: ½ to 2 inch, butt-weld or socket-weld
  • High-temperature, Low-pressure applicability: Models available for ASME/ANSI pressure classes 150 to 600
  • Easy marriage to actuators for full automation in all applicable operating regimes
  • Live loaded packing delivers long time-between-service intervals
  • Proven safety with blowout-proof stem design