Valvtechnologies V1-4 Metal Seated Ball Valve

Proven under Pressure
ValvTechnologies’ V1-4 is the result of the evolution of the latest in manufacturing techniques and hard coating technologies enabling of all of the features and benefits of our V1-1 products for power in large-diameters for refinery and mining uses worldwide. Available in 4” through 36” or larger in ASME / ANSI Classes 900 – 4500, this large bore behemoth is ready when the pressure is on. Our “absolute zero-leakage” guarantee and proven low cost of ownership are second to none. The HVOF RiTech™ hard coatings deliver outstanding resistance to abrasion and corrosion for a lifetime of effective operation in remote or harsh locations. Customers are encouraged to provide specifications for their harshest applications for high pressure large bore needs.
Also available with special-order end connections and all the process-specific options you need to meet the demands of your own applications.

Key Benefits

  • Broad-range 4 to 36 inch sizing offers flexibility in full isolation
  • Match ASME pressure classes 900 to 4500 with forged pressure-containing parts
  • Extended service life due to integral seats, hard coated parts
  • Live loaded packing reduces the need for adjustments, lengthens service intervals
  • Multiple options – purge ports, cavity fillers, emission bonnets, special linings